Cast Iron Cookware Pre-Seasoned & Ready to Use

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Showing all 38 results

Cast Iron Cookware 

 70s kitchen Cast Iron Cookware are 100% Pure and Natural and main part of our cast-iron Cookware is it comes with 3- Times pre seasoned and Ready to Use 

Products Available in Cast Iron Cookware 

  1.  Cast Iron Tawa– Comes in 10inch Cast Iron Tawa, Premium 12inch Cast Iron Tawa, Multipurpose Taw
  2. Cast Iron Kadai – Comes in 10inch and 8inch, Premium Cast Iron Kadai 10inch
  3. Cast Iron Skillet – Comes in 10inch Cast iron Skillet/ Fry Pan, Premium Smooth Cast Iron Skillet 10inch, 6inch Cast Iron Mini Skillet
  4. Cast Iron Grill Pan – 100% Pure and Natural Grill Pan is with twin Handel for Easy Handling 
  5. Cast Iron Multipurpose TawaMultipurpose Tawa is Used to make dosa,Roti,Fish Fry also used to make Neer Dosa
  6. Cast Iron Dutch Oven – Our Cast Iron Dutch is Mainly Designed to Make Biriyani, Rice Since the lid is also made of cast iron it can hold the steam for a long time comes in 5lts 
  7. Cast Iron Griddle Pan – India’s First Reversible Cooking Pan were Dosa/Roti and Grill Items can be cooked on a Single Pan. Exclusively launched by 70sKitchen