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Why to choose Cast Iron ?

Usage & care

70s Kitchen Cast Iron Cookware are 3-Times Pre-Seasoned & Ready to UseFOLLOW THE STEPS FOR BETTER RESULTS & FUTURE MAINTANANCE

  1. Soak the Cookware in Rice Water for 6Hrs
  2. Wash the Cookware with Mild Soap
  3. Apply Cooking oil all Over the Cookware
  4. Heat the Cookware in a Low Flame for 3-5Mints
  5. Again Apply oil
  6. Now Your Cookware is Ready to Use
  1. Wash the Cast Iron Cookware Once You Received the Package From 70sKitchen
  2. Wipe the Cookware in a dry Cloth
  3. Apply Some Oil all over the Cast Iron Cookware
  4. Fry Some Chopped Onion in it
  5. Your cookware is Now Ready to Make Your Delicious & Healthy Food

* Always wipe the Water in Cookware to Avoid Rust

Don’t Worry about it. Cast Iron cookware Can be Easily Turned back into it. Follow the Simple Steps

  1. Wash the Cookware until the Rust goes Off
  2. Soak the Cookware in Rice Water for 6Hrs
  3. Again Wash the Cookware with Mild Soap
  4. Apply Cooking oil all Over the Cookware
  5. Heat the Cookware in a Low Flame for 3-5Mints
  6. Again Apply oil
  7. Repeat the Process for 2-3Times
  8. Your Cookware is Now Ready to Use


1.Using a Soap can harm my cookware?

No! If needed, use a mild soap/scrub to clean your cast iron.

2. Can I use metal utensils on my cookware?

Yes! You can use any metal, wooden and silicone spatulas. In Our Cast Iron Kadai And Also Other Types of Utensils can also be Used with All Our 70’s Kitchen Cast Iron Cookware

3. Do I need to Season it daily?

No, you don’t need to. Only season it after every use.

4. Can I use my cast iron on Induction?

If it has a flat base, yet we don’t recommend using cast iron on an Induction top.

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2 reviews for Cast Iron Kadai 8 Inch + Cast Iron Kadai 10 Inch







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    Best Kadhai set ever!! I’ve been using Cast iron cookware since a very long time and own several Lodge skillets. But I missed having our traditional kadhais. So when I saw these something told me to go for it. Glad I did!!

    These 9″ and 10″ sizes are perfect for everyday cooking, not too small and not too big. Glad they didn’t give a 8″ kadhai instead of this 9″ as it would’ve been very small and this 9″ is awesome and holds quite a lot! Best for making dry sabzis like aloo fry, gobi fry, upkaris and thorans.

    The 10″ size is great for gravy dishes like rajmas, choleys and also leafy vegetables as it holds 2-3 bunches perfectly which later reduces ofcourse.

    These kadhais are also very easy to maintain unlike the other local brands I’ve tried because they used to rust pretty easily inspite of taking good care thereby were high maintenance. But these don’t rust all…why…I feel because their initial seasoning is so perfectly done that it forms a solid groundwork thereby making it easier to take care of it later.

    How I maintain:- After cooking I scrub it nicely and wash it without soap, then pat dry and directly back on the gas to heat it up properly. Once heated just smear it with oil and done! I’ve used these 2 every single day since I got them so mush so that all my other stainless steel cookwares have not seen the light of the day! 🤩😄

    Overall extremely overjoyed with these cookwares and they’re my best purchase ever! Thank you 70skitchen!! My search ends here! 👌👌👍👍

    December 27, 2020
  • Avatar

    Abdul azzar

    The product was awesome
    Very usable
    Can’t believe because my expectations didn’t fails

    October 17, 2020

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