Clay Kadai Set of 3



It’s the healthiest way to cook your food in earthen cookware.

✅ Maintains the Nutritive value

✅Neutralizes the PH level

✅Makes your dish Aromatic

✅Cuts down Oil Consumption

Clay Kadai Set of 3 4,500.00 1,999.00

Cooking in all natural clay is as new as tomorrow and as old as time itself!!

Reasons to choose 70’s kitchen

How to use?

1. Before first use thoroughly wet and rinse the earthenware under running water.
2. Use sponge for cleaning the earthenware.

How to maintain?

1.Soak cookware for at least 15 minutes in water mixed with baking soda.

2.Wash it using sponge or non-metallic scrubbing pad.



Do I need to season Earthen Cookware and how?

No, although a lot of clay cookware needs to be seasoned, here at 70’s kitchen earthen 
cookware there is no seasoning that needs to be done.

How safe are Earthen Cookware ?

No chemicals/ colours/ adhesives are added during the entire process of making Earthen cookware. Hence they are safe.

Are the products Microwave/ OTG safe?

Yes, 70’s kitchen Earthen cookware are Microwave/ OTG.

How to maintain Earthen Cookware?

Clean with a soft brush or sponge with warm water.


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