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Health Benefits of Cast Iron Cookware

Health Benefits of Iron Cast

When you eat food with your family, relatives and friends, it will always taste better. It will be even better if we eat healthy foods which are cooked using Cast Iron Cookware. 70s Kitchen’s Cast Iron Cookware are naturally non-sticky, non-toxic, easy to clean, low in cost, high durability and to add icing on the top cooking on Iron Cast has Multiple Health benefits also. Let’s see the Health Benefits of Iron Casting.

Fortifies Food With Iron

Traditionally, it is believed that cooking foods in iron utensils will provide health benefits. It is a proven fact that Cooking foods using Cast Iron increases iron content in foods. When you cook food in iron utensils, it will react with the metal surface and as a result the iron gets released in the food. Even if you cook acidic food using Cast Iron Cookware it will fortify the food with iron and you will naturally have some of the cookware’s iron end up in your food.

This can be very helpful for the people who are at risk of anemia or iron deficiency, including girls who are in their adolescence, pregnant women, women of child bearing age, and older infants and toddlers also it will add extra vitamins to your diet in the food which is a great thing, isn’t it? Moreover, when these foods are given to the children on a daily basis, the children’s hemoglobin levels are drastically increased.

Utensils made of iron are less costly than those made of aluminium or stainless steel. The usefulness of iron utensils should be appreciated. Women in both urban and rural areas should get awareness and they should be encouraged using this Cast Iron Cookware that will promote their adequate iron intake and will improve their health too.

Non-Toxic Cookware

Did you know that you can actually put your health at risk by cooking foods with certain materials in some of the popular cookware? 

You keep your kitchen clean. The food you are preparing is hygienic. However, there how much money do u get from casino heist are also thousands of games that are not very popular, so they are neglected. But what about what you’re cooking with?

Below are some of the Worst cookware materials to avoid buying/cooking

ALUMINUM FOIL –  Aluminum foil is commonly used cookware material which we can see in most of the kitchens. There is no doubt that aluminum utensils are safe since they are oxidized as they are designed with a layer of a seal to prevent aluminum from leaching into foods. But it turns into harmful when it is exposed to high temperatures. It can increase its risk of leaching into foods and the risk grows higher when it comes to cooking acidic foods like tomatoes because they speed up the leaching process. A recent study tells that consuming aluminum can lead to Alzheimer’s disease among many other side effects.

NON-STICK AND TEFLON – The number of people who started to use non-stick utensils are getting higher day by day. In fact, most dish-duty haters believe the invention of these utensils to be a blessing, because it simplifies the washing of cookwares. In high heat, non-stick pans can not be used as they are easily scratched, and the use of pans with damaged Teflon coating is unsafe. Brunei participated in the 2002 Asian Games held in Busan, South Korea from September 24 to October las vegas planet hollywood resort & casino 8, 2002. Stainless steel cookware is relatively inert, but it has the drawback of uneven heating and the creation of hot spots, which can cause food to burn. While a copper base on stainless steel pans helps to mitigate this issue, they are still unsuitable for high-heat cooking like searing steaks.

It is very important to keep in mind that these nonstick utensils are usually coated with Teflon, a PFOA-laced material. The chemical has been found to cause a variety of negative impacts, including infertility, impaired learning and weight gain.

So the Best cookware material for cooking is Cast Iron Cookware. It is one of the natural materials that will avoid these toxic chemicals which are used in cooking utensils.

By Using 70s Kitchen Cast Iron Cookware you can easily avoid the nasty chemicals from the above mentioned cooking utensils like non-stick pans, which produces toxic smokes when overheated and contain perfluorocarbons (PFC) which leads to several health issues like fertility problems, developmental problems, liver damage, cancer and menopause.

Less Oil Consumption

We are now so concerned with the amount of oil we use for cooking, so any cookware that helps us to reduce the use of oil is still a saviour. Using less oil is one great thing about healthy cooking. As compared to aluminium and stainless-steel cookwares, Cast Iron Cookwares are an ideal alternative because they can help reduce the amount of oil used in cooking. When you switch from aluminium or stainless steel pans to cast iron pans, you’ll notice that you use less cooking oil, but it won’t be the same as cooking on Teflon coated nonstick pans. Once the Cast Iron Cookware is seasoned it is so good as it will become more like a non-stick pan then it can then be used to stir fry foods or just toss up some crunchy tofu and vegetables. It is also versatile when it comes to cooking methods, especially water-based cookings like poaching, braising, broiling, or grilling.

So once the Cast Iron Cookware is seasoned it does not need extra oil to complete the process of cooking which is one of the most significant health benefits of using Cast Iron Skillet, Cast Iron Tawa, Smoothy Cast Iron, or Cast Iron Kadai. So there is no additional amount of oil required other than the oil used for seasoning.



In conclusion, I want to highlight the benefits of cooking foods using Cast Iron Cookware. First and foremost, It serves your body’s need for iron, also boosting your hemoglobin and immunity level. Secondly, It does not contain any harmful chemicals coated over which will be bad to our health. Third and finally it will cut down our usage of oil which leads us to many obesity and health problems also it can serve as non stick cookware if it is treated well.

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