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Cast Iron Tawa

Cast Iron Tawa

Looking For Healthy Cast Iron Tawa then you are in the Right destination to Choose Your Healthy Cast Iron Tawa. We Offer a wide Range of Cast Iron Tawa with Various Size & Model Have a look and Choose Your Cast Iron Tawa

Cast Iron Tawa

Why to choose Cast Iron Tawa

Usage & care of Cast Iron Tawa

70s Kitchen Cast Iron Tawa are 3-Times Pre-Seasoned & Ready to Use FOLLOW THE STEPS FOR BETTER RESULTS & FUTURE MAINTANANCE

  1. Soak the Cookware in Rice Water for 6Hrs
  2. Wash the Cast Iron Tawa with Mild Soap
  3. Apply Cooking oil all Over the Cookware
  4. Heat the Cookware in a Low Flame for 3-5Mints
  5. Again Apply oil
  6. Now Your Cookware is Ready to Use
  1. Wash the Cast Iron Tawa Once You Received the Package From 70sKitchen
  2. Wipe the Cookware in a dry Cloth
  3. Apply Some Oil all over the Cast Iron Cookware
  4. Fry Some Chopped Onion in it
  5. Your cookware is Now Ready to Make Your Delicious & Healthy Food

* Always wipe the Water in Cookware to Avoid Rust

Don’t Worry about it. Cast Iron cookware Can be Easily Turned back into it. Follow the Simple Steps

  1. Wash the Cast Iron Tawa until the Rust goes Off
  2. Soak the Cookware in Rice Water for 6Hrs
  3. Again Wash the Cookware with Mild Soap
  4. Apply Cooking oil all Over the Cookware
  5. Heat the Cookware in a Low Flame for 3-5Mints
  6. Again Apply oil
  7. Repeat the Process for 2-3Times
  8. Your Cookware is Now Ready to Use


1.Using a Soap can harm my cookware?

No! If needed, use a mild soap/scrub to clean your cast iron.

2. What if my cast iron gets rust?

No worries! Just remove the rust using steel wool/scrub off the pot/pan. Once done, wash it with warm water and follow the seasoning steps. Your cast iron is ready to use now.

3. Can I use metal utensils on my cookware?

Yes! You can use any metal, wooden and silicone spatulas. In Our Cast Iron Kadai And Also Other Types of Utensils can also be Used with All Our 70’s Kitchen Cast Iron Cookware

4. Is it advisable to cook acidic foods on cast iron?

Initially, it is best to cook acidic foods like the tomato and others in smaller quantities until your cookware gets seasoned well. Also, make sure that you transfer the remaining food to another vessel if it is going to stay long.

5. Do I need to Season it daily?

No, you don’t need to. Only season it after every use.

6. Can I use my cast iron on Induction?

If it has a flat base, yet we don’t recommend using cast iron on an Induction top.

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