Cast Iron Tawa

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Showing all 7 results

Cast Iron Tawa – Your kitchen Needs!

A versatile & long-lasting cookware one would love to have. It is definitely worth the buy for its health benefits, heat-retention (hey, yeah! it holds heat for an amount of time) and easy to use nature.

Cooking in a cast iron can be a stellar experience for you if seasoned and maintained well. And our Cast Iron Tawa comes as Ready to Use.

Make the yummy-yummy and flavourful dosas, rotis, parathas & other dishes with our roti tawa. Yes, you deserve it!

A great thing about cast iron cookware is that you can use it on the stove, an oven, a grill & a campfire.

Oh! Naturally non-stick. The more you use it, the smoother & non-sticky it gets.

What’s about 70’S KITCHEN Cast iron tawa? – Very well your tawa is pre-seasoned and how if done it organically! All the 70’S KITCHEN products are traditionally seasoned using vegetable oil.

Note: Pre-heat gently for few minutes before adding any ingredients to it.

Handling the Cast Iron Tawa

There are so many myths about cast iron, specifically regarding its handling and maintenance. But it is easy to use and clean in actual.

  • With wider handle, 70’S Kitchen Cast Iron Tawa is convenient to lift and hold.
  • It is ready to use, and its texture will get smoother every time you cook and season it.
  • Cleaning a cast iron is much simpler than it seems. Just plain warm water is enough to get it cleaned, and use mild soap only if required.
  • And while you’re cooking, you don’t need to keep holding it as it sits comfortably on all.

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